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Qualified, experienced and professional bike fitting services in North East & Yorkshire.


Our bike fitting is by appointment only, so please book an appointment through our online form.

          About bike fitting

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Whether considering a new bike purchase or getting the most out of an existing bike, just as important if not more so to price and spec, is a bike that fits. 

Our head bike fitter is Level 3 IBFI qualified, and has extensive experience fitting bikes of all sizes to riders of all needs.


Based in the North East, Triology caters for all types of riders, but the priority is always to make you as comfortable, efficient and in turn as fast as possible. We incorporate the World-renowned state of the art Retül 3D motion capture system, into our bike fit process, and can fine-tune your optimum position to within degrees, but our most important tool is experience, Andy has more than 3000 fits and over10 years of professional bike fitting behind him, and a considerable knowledge of Human Biomechanics and Physiology, ensuring you get the most from your current bike or future purchase.

If you are looking to purchase and unsure of the correct size and geometry of a potential bike, using our Sizing Session and custom fitting jig we are able to accurately measure you for the correct frame size of most available bike brands on the market, before making that prospective purchase. Saving you the risk of wasting money on a bike you have to live with but may never get the best out of.

We have a range of brands at our disposal for our bike fitting service, including Retul, Gebiomized, Bioracer, Formthotics and G8 insoles, aswell as contact point components from some of the leading saddle, stem and handlebar manufacturers.

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Solo bike fit

Using Retül motion tracking system

Our solo bike fit calls on over 10 years of experience in biomechanics and bike fitting, and uses Retül 3D motion capture technology to ensure the most accurate level of fit available. Ideal for competitive riders, or those struggling with a persistent injury. Every aspect of rider motion on the bike is considered.

  • Time: Approximately  2 hours 30 minutes

  • Price: £175 ( Tuesday through to Saturday )

  • Who: 1 rider, 1 bike


Multiple bike


Using Retül motion tracking system

Our multiple bike fitting offers the same level of service as the solo bike fit, but is performed on two different different bikes - so one rider with their road bike and MTB, or road bike and TT bike for instance. 

  • Time: Approximately  4 hours

  • Price: £245

  • Who: 1 rider, 2 bikes

group bike

fitting service

Using Retül motion tracking system

Our group bike fitting services offers the same level of service as the solo bike fit, however is for a pair, or group of riders, with their individual bikes. This type of bike fit is priced on quantity of riders and bikes, so please contact us for more information and booking.