About us

Triology: definition...

a combining form used in the names of sciences or bodies
of knowledge


Triology Multisport Solutions was born from a need to service the people of the North, with specific and professional advice and services for cyclists, triathletes and swimmers alike. Our ethos of ‘It’s all about the fit’ highlights the often neglected importance of getting the correct size or set up when considering a new purchase or using an existing piece of equipment, be it a £500 sportive bike or £5000 superbike to your first wetsuit or top of the range speed suit.

Andy Sedgwick

Head fitter Andrew Sedgwick is a Professional Bike Fitter, Cyclist and Triathlete, a qualified coach, and practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in sports, with a passion for helping people to achieve their full potential in sport. Andy has over 10 years bike fitting experience, is IBFI & Retul certified and has performed over 3000 fits to date making him one of the most experienced fitters in the UK.

Andy is joined by Mike Rayner, a keen cyclists and experienced member of staff.